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EasyChat Terms and Conditions
  1. To get your cell phone number, simply insert your SIM card into your phone and your number will be SMS'd to you. Should you have any problems you can call Cell C's Customer Care line on 140, free of charge from your cellphone.
  2. Once your SIM card has been registered (RICA), you can enter your PIN number into your cellphone and your easychat starter SIM pack is connected! Your first outgoing call will activate the Cell C network access timer and will allow you to make and receive calls, SMS's and MMS's.
  3. All calls or SMS's made and any other access charges will be charged in accordance with the easychat rates applicable from time to time, which rates Cell C may change without notice. The cost of calls received will be for the caller's account.
  4. Cell C is under no obligation to render any account in respect of the usage of credit values and/or the period of access to the network or any other information in respect of call records and/or recharges.
  5. Cell C makes no guarantee, warranty or representation howsoever in relation to the easychat starter SIM pack, SIM card, any recharge vouchers or the Cell C network.
  6. Cell C shall not be liable for any loss (direct or consequential), injury or damage whatsoever arising out of the use or application of the easychat service or any items or information contained in the easychat starter SIM pack, the recharge vouchers, or any act or omission on the part of Cell C, its employees, agents or representatives, for any failure or interruption in the Cell C network.
  7. Cell C reserves the right to cancel your cellphone number and deactivate your SIM card: if you have not connected to the Cell C network within six months of the date of purchase of your SIM card, or if you do not make a chargeable call, send a chargeable SMS, MMS or receive a call within 120 consecutive days. Additionally, if you do not recharge your SIM card every 120 consecutive days you will forfeit any unused airtime credit. Cell C reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change any of the periods referred to herein.
  8. Risk in and to any items contained in the easychat starter SIM pack, or any recharge vouchers shall pass on delivery, therefore Cell C shall have no liability for any which is lost or stolen.
  9. Do not accept any recharge vouchers if the seal has been broken or tampered with.
  10. Notify Cell C immediately in the event of losing your SIM card. A lost SIM card can be replaced by a SIM swap, at the easychat rates applicable from time to time. To secure the same cellphone number, an ID and the original certificate containing the SIM card registration number and PIN number must be presented to an authorised Cell C dealer.
  11. Cell C reserves the right to suspend the easychat service or any part thereof or to disconnect the SIM card from the Cell C network in the event of any unlawful use of the easychat service or any unlawful or unauthorised tampering with or modification to the cellphone or SIM card.
  12. Any dispute relating to the Cell C network or easychat service may be referred to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).
  13. To the extent permitted by legislation, Cell C reserves the right to contact you for marketing, promotional and other Cell C services.
  14. The purchase of an easychat starter SIM pack and/or the use of any recharge vouchers constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Cell C
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